2017. feb 05.

Beolvastam mindenkinek, de már jól vagyok

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Beolvastam mindenkinek, de már jól vagyok

Ezt még tavaly követtem el, nyelve Hunglish. Akkor írtam, mikor ez az elcseszett világ, azaz annak redneck része egy totál idiótát választott meg olyan kisívű feladatok elvégzésére, mint atombombák ízlés szerinti indítása, estébé. A mi kis agyar ormányunk meg még örül is neki. Nos ez olyan szinten megfeküdte a gyomrom, hogy sikerült egy ilyet írnom nemzetközileg. Mindenesetre, ha valaki nem beszél kicsi angol jól, lefordíthatom, de ahhoz nagy lélekerő és motiváció szükséges, szal meg kell engem szépen kérni. Nincsenek illúzióim. :)

"Dear my FB (do not worry, I mean this social whatever, not “Fucking Bastards”:) ) friends,
Let me have a few thoughts as I have not slept more than 2 hours tonight, I have some ideas to get rid of. I try to write in English, sorry if the result is rather Hunglish.
I was born in Hungary in the hay days of the beloved extremism, called by some as communism, but rather qualified for some kind of fucked up socialism infected totalitarianism. When I was a child I always wanted to be the soviet solder when we played war (what else than football and that you could play in those years) as for sure, those were the good guys. Then as I grew up I started to realize that something is fucked up in the “happy barrack” as we were taught about the rotting west, while the alternative news showed something else. Then the dictatorship started to open up a little bit more to shut our mouth up, we got our “world passports” (which were valid only for a handful of countries) and we started to realize that this system we are living in is simply based on bullshit invented by some and imposed on all of us. Parallel to this, there was the perestroika in the Soviet Union, etc. and finally we had some euphoric years, when we changed our political system to something which I believed at the beginning will be something much better; capitalism, freedom, human rights and – you will hate me for this – liberalism.
Liberalism in the approach that one can do whatever he/she wants until he/she is in line with the laws of the country. That I am free to travel if I have the money and if I want to. Liberalism meaning that everybody will be responsible for his life, but we will not leave anyone behind. That will be peace and prosperity, that science and proven knowledge will drive our life and not ancient fairy tales from holy books. But also important to state, that I also believed and still try to believe that whatever beliefs can live together and beside each other without any problems.
Now I am 47 years old and I am afraid and start to feel like hopeless. I am not afraid of my little insignificant liberal life, but for the world and for the future of my kids. They are my treasure and I wish to leave the world behind in a shape which is at least acceptable. What I see now is that we, humanity, are completing a circle. There are less and less people between us who remember what was the result of letting criminally insane idiots to lead powerful nations, or even smaller countries. No one seems to remember that last time we ended up in a fucked up world war claiming millions of lives, most of those of the innocent ones. Where the hell we are going, how our societies became so ignorant that we readily vote for simple idiots, megalomaniac racists populists? Or our reality is really only a computer simulation as Mr. Elon Musk proposed this potentiality a few weeks ago? Then, dear aliens, when the hell you wanna reboot this nightmare we ended up in after a rigorous effort to fuck up everything humanity ever touched? I wanna live in another matrix, or please give me the other pill.
What future we, me, my family has on this muddy globe?
I look around and realize that no future for me and alike in my home country if the actual trends continue. Orban and his famous “illiberal” policies, other way around, his mafia state makes unimaginable for me that a day I go back to that country which is being completely destroyed. Not physically, but mentally. A country where a pipefitter needs only to be a friend of the prime minister and he becomes in 5 years one of the richest person in the country. Where his son-in-law and other friends receives the majority of all state orders. Where they run hate campaigns against refugees, but they sell citizenship and residence permit for money for those who can afford it. Then the “Christian roots” of the country and our “unique culture” does not count anymore. You have money? Brother, welcome! You are a terrorist or a “business man” FBI is looking for since 20 years? How much you have? Oh… Brother, welcome! This make me fucking sick. And…. they have 40%+ in the polls, percentage increasing. I do not want to live in a country of no consequences.
Then I look at Europe; British friends already voted to leave us, as we “take their jobs”, etc…
Then I experience that the citizens of the United States of America voted for Donald Trump. They protested against the actual political nomenclature by pushing in office one of the world’s most dangerous persons. Who is a proud racist, who made his fortune on the ruins of countless companies, families, who destroyed thousands of jobs, almost never paid any tax, who want to grab all women by the pussy, who denies climate change but as well other fundaments of science, etc… This short description covers the 45th president of the United States and not a petty criminal from Bronx. This guy will sleep in the White House with a nice neat little briefcase with the codes and buttons to launch nuclear bombs where he wants. He will be soon kissing each other with Putin and will agree on where are the new “borders” of the US and Russia.
Next year, this is election time in France and not long after – if I remember well – in Germany as well. We have a fair chance that Marine le Pen with the support of her repainted fascist party will be elected as president. Then in Germany we will have at least a very strong extreme right close to if not even in power.
In Switzerland the UDC are already quite strong; guess what kind of inspiration, ideas they will take from this trend all over the globe?
My personal opinion is that insufficient education, lack of education, lack of knowledge of the world surrounding us is one and the most important reasons. Just have a look on some recent elections, surveys in no matter of what countries and you will know what I am speaking about. I.e. People in my country, who have never ever seen a refugee from close range, who – unfortunately – might not travelled even once out of the country, who do not speak languages; those hate refugees, those deny climate change, those are afraid of whoever even if comes from the neighboring village. Those people vote for the one who reinforces their fears. And they vote for those populist assholes who replicate and repeat loudly their narrow minded views of life, like in the States right now. The volume of sound became the most important who cares the message.
Second biggest reason is ignorance as at its best expressed by Mr. Trumpet. “This is their problem and not ours, they should stay there, they should die there, who cares”. More and more of this I see and experience; people, where the hell humanity is buried in you? Problems in the world are there to attack and to solve them not to build walls, fences and to close your ears, mouth and eyes. Isolationism is not the answer….
Third thing is that against all efforts of science, universities, schools, teachers, etc. the fairy is still believed by people and contrary of my expectation, we have more and more of these people. Humanity slowly but surely and in line with the population growth rate becomes more and more stupid and uneducated. This is the 21st century with all of its belongings, but humanity want to go back to the dark medieval ages. In case our children have imaginary friends when they turn older than 6 years, we call for a psychiatric expert. Us adults, we try to live our lives as per books and norms, “given” to us by our imaginary friends, who are known under several names and forms, trying the represent the same: the one and only.
Stop the world, I wanna get off.
OK, I stop here, 5 am, I have not slept much. Thank you if you read the result of my brain flood.
“Make America Great Britain Again!”

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